PROPCAFE Peek : Penduline Type C Homes @ Bandar Rimbayu By IJM Land



Bandar Rimbayu

Bandar Rimbayu is a premier township development by IJM LAND, inspiring nostalgia for a time when life was simple and people lived close to nature, in a safe and supportive neighbourhood. Set in tranquil green surroundings on a 1,879 acres, Bandar Rimbayu is set to be an iconic mixed development of residential, commercial, recreational and parkland components.

Bandar Rimbayu IJM LocationBandar Rimbayu IJM Location

If you’re looking for a home with a convenient commute, then look no further as the Bandar Rimbayu Township, is easily accessible through five major highways – KESAS, LKSA, SKVE, ELITE and WCE. A direct link to the ELITE and SKVE through Bandar Saujana Putra is expected to open in early 2017, while the interchange to the WCE which connects Banting to Taiping is due to be completed in 4 years time. Apart from that, each home in the Penduline parcel will be equipped with afibre internet access point for high-speed virtual connectivity.

A Peek into Bandar Rimbayu Penduline Type C Homes

A Greek philosopher once said that, ‘often change is the only constant in life’, but for many people, the roof over their heads is a much sought after constant to help anchor them. It is therefore imperative to choose the right home for your needs, and if you are a young person starting out in life, that home must fit the bill when it comes to value and comfort.

IJM Land’s Penduline development easily fulfills all the requirements of a first-time home buyer, and the launch of its latest Type C phase, offers the opportunity to own a landed property within a reputable enclave.

The renowned Bandar Rimbayu Township is divided into four precincts – Flora, Fauna, Bayu and a soon to be bustling Commercial Hub.  Bandar Rimbayu Penduline, which is named for a small and neat bird found in rainforests, is the first development within the Fauna precinct. Here, 625 double story link homes will have individual titles over an expansive land area of 54.95 acres.

Bandar Rimbayu Penduline Type A and Type B homes have been launched and snapped up with expected enthusiasm, as the double storey homes all feature 2’x2’ porcelain tiles throughout the house, air-conditioning points in the living spaces and bedrooms while every bathroom features a water heater point.

The latest phase which has just been launched recently was the Bandar Rimbayu Penduline Type C home, based on the concept of mid-century modernism, which is expected to resonate well with the target market of buyers in their mid 20’s. The warm, neutral concept of the space within the house is accented with natural wood finishing, providing the perfect foundation for striking furnishings and decorations.

It is also important to feel like you can move freely around your home, and not be cramped in by close quarters. In the Bandar Rimbayu Penduline Type C homes, the living room flows seamlessly into the kitchen, to create a sense of spaciousness. And unlike many other starter homes, the downstairs study room is roomy enough to double up as a bedroom, should the need arise.

Upstairs, the capacious master bedroom begs for a minimalist touch to the décor; while the second bedroom capitalises on its unconventional shape to create cosy nooks for form and functionality. Families, like aspirations, grow; and IJM Land is mindful enough of this in designing the 3rd bedroom of  Bandar Rimbayu Penduline Type C homes to contain plenty of activity and storage areas.


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