Reorganised AirAsia Group Bhd to take over listing of AirAsia Bhd


PETALING JAYA: Bursa Malaysia Securities Bhd has given its approval for AirAsia Bhd (AAB)’s corporate re-organisation exercise, which will see AirAsia Group Bhd (AAGB) assume the Stock Code, Stock Short Name and ISIN Code of AAB.

AAB announced in a Bursa Malaysia filing that it had received an approval letter dated Oct 13 from the stock market operator, wherein Bursa approved the admission of AirAsia Group Bhd to the official list, in place of AAB.

The aviation player announced in August that it will be embarking on two corporate exercises , namely the transfer of its listing to a new investment holding company and the conversion of its perpetual securities investments in PT Indonesia AirAsia (IAA) into Indonesia-listed PT Rimau Multi Putra Pratama TBK (RMPP) new shares.

AAB’s shares gained 1.75% to close at RM3.49, with more than 5.74 million shares traded.

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